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    Buying a new home is a big decision, a major investment, and a lot of work. Not to mention it being on most people’s Top 5 Most Stressful Things In Life list. The truth is, when you start on this journey, you want to make sure you’re working with someone who understands all of this — and is with you every step of the way.

    It all starts with a conversation. What’s important to you in a new home? The size, the style, the location. How about a new neighborhood? The schools, the people, the proximity to public transportation. How long do you want to be there? Is this a short-term residence, or your forever home? Then, we get to work. We bring you listed and off-market options and hone in on the perfect fit for you by paying special attention to your feedback on each property we see. We continually tailor our search, hunt down new (and sometimes hard-to-find) opportunities, and monitor real-time changes in the marketplace until we find you the home of your dreams.

    And we do all of this, using a collaborative approach where we’re relentlessly active, highly engaged, and completely available — like 24/7 available. So, when do you want to get started?

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    We understand that buying a home is a big investment, likely one of the biggest you will ever make. Therefore, the first thing we do when working with buyers is have an in-depth conversation about all the aspects of a home that are important to you, from location, accessibility to schools and public transportation, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you desire, and above all else what you are looking to get out of your home.

    Home Search
    Home Search

    Our goal is to work together to establish a clear understanding of what you’re looking for in order to best assist you. Based on the needs we uncover, we then begin to present you with any homes, both listed for sale as well as off-market opportunities, that we believe would best fit your criteria. As real estate professionals, we place great importance on any feedback we receive from our buyer clients throughout the home search, and actively tailor our inquiry accordingly.


    Throughout the process of working with buyer clients, The Sarkis Team diligently works behind the scenes to stay on top of any changes in your marketplace, and study comparable homes based on your search criteria, allowing us to keep you educated so you can be confident in making informed decisions about buying your next home. We stay up to date on changes happening in the real estate market, so we can be certain you’re always getting the most for your money when buying a home.


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