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    1700 East Walnut Avenue El Segundo CA 90245

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    1700 East Walnut Avenue El Segundo, CA 90245
    1700 East Walnut Avenue
    3 Bed/ 1 Bath/ 1200 sq. ft

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    Floor plan




    Schools K-12:

    • Woodland School (K-3) - 1.8 MilesFeild School (4-5) - 1.8 Miles
    • The Goddard School (Daycare) - 2.5 Miles
    • Weston Middle School - 4 Miles
    • The Cambridge School of Weston - 3.1 Miles


    • Brothers Marketplace, Weston - 1.3 Miles
    • Roche Brothers - 1.3 Miles


    • Linden Square - 7.5 Miles
    • Natick Mall - 8.6 Miles

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