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    How to Crush Date Night

    Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or just someone who enjoys a carefree night out with your person, here are six fun alternatives to booking the unimaginative dinner for two.

      Go Back

      In a world of Megaplexes, SuperLuxes, and IMAX Experiences, it’s kind of nice every now and again to get back to basics and go see a film. Cambridge’s Kendall Square Cinema has wine, locally brewed beer, and a completely retro feel. And unlike the big-boys, the Kendall shows indies, foreign films, restored classics, and documentaries.

      Follow the Steps

      Wanna dance? Or learn to? Boston’s got options. The Havana Club has salsa and bachata lessons 4 nights a week, the Q Ballroom offers swing, ballroom, and latin classes several nights a week, and Loretta’s Last Call near Fenway, gets to steppin’ twice a week, with line dancing on Sunday and Tuesday night. All welcome walk-ins and dancers at all levels.

      Get Cookin’

      Venturing out, or staying in — we got you covered. Cozymeal offers couples cooking classes in Boston and beyond, ranging from pasta making to sushi rolling (and taught by professional chefs). Already a bit of a pro yourself? There’s nothing more romantic than cooking together at home. To get you started, here are Food & Wine’s 40 best recipes of all time.

      Hit the Ice

      There’s a reason there’s an ice skating scene in just about every romantic comedy ever written. Turns out, a couple hours repeatedly falling and helping each other up is equal parts adorable and hilarious. It just so happens Boston has a whole list of options, both inside and out, that will let you skate ’til your heart’s content — or your elbows are done.

      Heat Things Up

      Head out for some Shabu-Shabu, a Japanese hotpot dish comprised of thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in broth and served with dipping sauces. What makes it so fun? You cook it yourself, piece by delicious piece, right at your table (which is also a stovetop). A couple of our favorite spots are Kaze Shabu Shabu and The Happy Lamb.

      Hit the Right Notes

      Not brave enough for a karaoke date? How about a gather-around-the-piano singalong? Pop into Democracy Brewing and visit local legend Mel Stiller — who’s been doing his Friday singalongs for 30+ years. Don’t know the words? Fear not. Mel hands out lyric books with 500 popular songs to choose from. Upcoming dates include 2/24, 3/3, and 3/24.

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